SubC’s mission is to continuously create the most technologically advanced and capable video equipment for the offshore and subsea markets. Its products are used in remote vehicle operations including deep sea mining, marine research, archaeology, and in offshore oil and gas service work. SubC has made revolutionary changes in the way subsea imaging is conducted with Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

The company has developed a client list that reaches around the world. Currently its clients are based in over 20 countries including the United States, Brazil, China, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore to name a few.

The Team

SubC has a proven track record of outstanding customer support including providing assistance to clients in the integration of SubC products and troubleshooting issues promptly as they arise.  SubC not only offers its products, but a dedicated and responsive technical support team which has differentiated us from competitors.



Chad Collett of SubC Imaging

Chad Collett

Chad’s professional underwater experience started in 2001 with the Canadian Navy as an Inspection Diver. He built upon this experience with the Canadian National Research Council, Oceaneering and other ocean centered organizations. He founded SubC in 2010 to build the highest quality underwater video equipment. For more info visit Chad’s LinkedIn profile.

Adam Rowe

Coming from a programming background with a strong understanding of computers and electronics, Adam has the unique perspective for problem solving of taking a systematic approach to determining the cause of issues. Constantly up to date on the latest technology, Adam applies significant knowledge of industry trends and developments to enhance the service experience of the company’s clientele.

Ron Collier SubC Imaging

Ron Collier

Ron’s background includes leadership positions with large international and smaller start-up organizations at the regional, national and international levels. His business development experience is diverse, having worked in sectors such as information technology, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and ocean technology. Ron is a graduate of Memorial University’s Bachelor of Commerce program.